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Over Weight/Over Size Cargo
With dedicated trailer and fooc and experienced in transportation of components, machinery and equipment for many years, KEY LINE Logistics And Transportation Co., LTD is committed to providing professional service, safest, shortest time and most competitive price.   ..

Import- Export Authorized Service.
KEY LINE LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORTATION CO .,LTD is a company with many-year experience in import/export activities for its own business as well as for authorization. Customers trust in our service because of our accurate, prompt and professional service. Our service team has been trained with import/export and technical knowledge. They are professional and dynamical, can complete the work in any situation.   You will find satisfied in our prompt and reliable service. This will enable you to concentrate on your core business and help you to enhance your market position.   The major activities in the Import- Export Authorized Service field  : - On behalf of customer contact with partner, order and signed foreign trade con..

At the request of customers, KEY LINE Logistics And Transportation Co ., LTD performance storage services to preserve the goods in the form below:  Tons / month  M2/ month Container / day  Subscribe entire inventory  Service Bonded Warehouse  Management of the Bank's mortgage business.  The main types of storage: Bonded.  Storage Normal: suitable for items like electrical appliances, paper, electronics ...  Loading and unloading by hand: The nature and types of goods.  Loading and unloading by forklifts: The nature, type and quantity of goods. ..

Sea freight
With good agent systems in main sea ports all over the world and good partners in famous shipping lines, KEY LINE Logistics And Transportation Co .,LTD provides the sea freight services at the competitive rates. We can manage to avoid off load shipment at departure port or transit port with the detail belows: Dependable transit schedules and sailings from major ports around the world Access to space allocations with major carriers Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connectivity with vessel operators Door-to-door service easily by appropriate means Multiple levels of ocean freight services to meet your needs The strong markets include the United States (USA), Europe (EU), Japan (Japan), Southeast Asia (Asia). Full containver Load services (F..

Air freight Services
Key Line Logistics And Transportation Co .,LTD offers air freight services with reasonable rate at requests of each client. With professional and experienced Customer Service Team can give the quick response to arising problems in air freight. We can arrange shipment on time even in the peak season. In order to provide the customers with more solutions than only traditional airfreight, KLLC also offer further multi-modal transport solutions such as combining oceanfreight and airfreight (sea-air), transit via Singapore and/or Dubai, providing clients with faster and more cost effective transportation. Logistics services, KLLC transport from shippers' warehouses to airports or consignees' warehouses such as airport to airport, door to airport, airport to door, door to door). ..

Customs Services
In import- export business, the customs declaration, the liquidity contract manufacturing for export, contract, temporary import for re-export, refund, the industrial and commercial license, the commercial quota , ... are obstacles for many businesses. With team of professional staffs have been trained to become the Customs Agency, KLLC are confident to perform the following operations: On behalf of the shipper, we work with customs authorities and other related industries. Electronic customs declaration, remote customs decleration. Clearing live entries. Tax refund, no income tax for export production. Use special-purpose softwares for customs declaration, copyright In addition to speedy customs clearance for your everyday international shipm..

Trading Services
Trading Services You have business with Vietnam partners but you haven’t had representative office here yet. KLLC’re honor to become your agent with some services below: Nominated Cargo Agent Coload Pushing supplier for on-time delivery Checking, Packing Cargos ..